Course Checklist for Cell and Molecular Biology Major
Effective Fall, 2006
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Chemistry Component
General Chemistry I Lecture  
General Chemistry I Lab  
General Chemistry II Lecture  
General Chemistry II Lab  
Organic Chemistry I Lecture  
Organic Chemistry I Lab  
Organic Chemistry II Lecture  
Organic Chemistry II Lab  

Physics Component
Physics I Lecture and Laboratory  
Physics II Lecture and Laboratory  

Cell and Molecular Biology Core Component
General Biology (Lecture) - CELL 101  
Genetics - CELL 205  
Molecular Biology - CELL 311  
Cell Biology - CELL 301  
Biochemistry - CELL 401 or CENG 445 or CHEM 383 + 384  
Cell Biology Lab or Molecular Biology Lab - CELL 302 or CELL 312  
CELL Lecture or Lecture/Lab  

Cell and Molecular Biology Elective Component

Note:  Only one elective may be satisfied by independent research (CELL 491, 492, 495, 496, 499, or 500).  Courses used for Core Component may not be used to satisfy the Elective component.

Elective 1 (Lab)  
Elective 2 (Lab)  
Elective 3 (Lecture or Lab)  


Note:  This audit is intended as an advising tool for the student.  Students should see their CELL advisor and their college advisor regularly to insure that coursework is appropriate and that degree requirements are being met.  

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